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Thursday, June 16, 2011

1 year later

This time last year is when it all began again. I wish I sill had the emails that I could share with you. The ups and downs of our rollercoaster relationship. lol

Aaron's being released from the hospital today.

He went in on Monday 6/13 for a knee surgery. Well officially a knee anthroscopy, SCAN, ACL reconstruction. it was supposed to be an in and out procedure. It ended up being 3 days in the hospital.

He surgery took 3 hours. we went in at 11:30 his surgery started around 2 and ended around 3. He wasn't released from PACU until 11:53PM. His blood pressure shot through the roof and his heart rate wouldn't go down. we thought that everything would calm down over night and he'd come home in the morning. Well tuesday rolls around and the pain medicines aren't working and his heart rate is still high. So they keep him another night. Wednesday his heart rate started going down, but they realized that his lungs are not filling to capacity...leading to the high temperature and heart rate...he went from 108 at noon to a 125 when he was checked again around 3...that a full CAT scan and they decided to keep him again over night.

Today he's being released.

He text me (he finally has his phone 3 days later) saying he was on his way home.

Its been a long couple of days. hopefully he'll be able to get some rest at home. He doesn't like hospitals in general and officially doesn't like having to stay there alone over night...or with a roommate over night.

Recovery is going to be hard. We had assumed he would be on crutches for a week and then walking after wards. they told him instead he'll be off his leg for 6-8 weeks. they also mentioned his sports days might be over...he was high on morphine at the time and doesn't rememebr that. i'm not going to be the one to remind me.

Its hard to seeing him in pain. Its hard to seeing him in a hospital. It's hard seeing him helpless. I told him no more surgeries. purely for selfish reasons...i can't handle the stress of him being weak...Hopefully having him at home will make it easier. On both of us...

hopefully having it at him will make it better...

its been an interesting 9 months...lol.

its been an interesting year...

i can't wait to see what else life has in store for us.

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