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Monday, February 14, 2011

Well I guess its official

So i'm crazy about grilled cheese at the moment. I mean i eat one at least once a day...if not twice.

Well i ran over to the other building to grab a grilled cheese to breakfast since my coworker was running late and my boss had her door closed thus could not fault me for leaving the office unattended. Waiting in a ridiculously long line for the quickest possible food and then grabbed a bunch of unnecessary snack foods which rikia ate before i ever got to them (at least I had a salad for lunch)...got into line with my favorite cashier - a little hispanic women we you can tell who she likes by how much spanish she chooses to speak (Homa Mami, Hello sir...)

She laughed at my smile "you have a lot of energy! ha ha. i have none. not in the morning"

"o...well actually i was just really excited about my food"

she laughed "no its good. this is good. its good for the baby"

looks down at protruding belly.
looks up at smiling cashier...


well i guess the secrets out

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