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Friday, February 11, 2011

kicks and flips

i felt him move again last night. i think i'm move in touch with whats going on.

I mean its dreadfully hard to distinguish between gas and flutters...lucky for me we've skipped flutters and moved to flips...and now to kicks...

it was last night. aaron passed out mid sentence around 10:30 (can't believe that actually happened). i turned on the princess and the frog and laid back to enjoy when all of a sudden a felt it. a kick...and then another. i just laid there afraid to move. i wanted it to keep going. it was another couple of minutes before the next movement. he's not too fond of my on my back. i feel him the most them. and then once i turn to my side i can almost hear him huff and puff as he tries to get comfortable again.

its comforting- the reminder that he's in there and ok...

i asked aaron if he would be upset if it were a girl

"i'd actually be surprised if it was. i kinda want it to be a girl because i love Annie so much"

my niece's name is Anneliese. Ani (ah-knee) for short. Aaron is literally the only one who calls her Annie...she responds. but i think she'd respond to him calling her bob...

it was cute to see him say that.

i'm trying to stay impartial. i don't know what i want. i just feel like its a boy. i'll be surprised if i'm wrong. regardless they'll be loved.

i just want healthy.

healthy and happy.

i'd be happy with anything.

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