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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Officially Team Pink

Latest update:

I got into a fight with the receptionists at my OB.

They are pretty incompetent. I kept asking what the point of my 16 week visit was if I wasn't having a full anatomy. They had no idea and told me to just cancel...i told them to give me a nurse to talk to...which meant they put me on hold until i hung up and then called back. it took me around 4 to 5 calls ebfore they finally told me it was for the rest of my blood work and (quote)
"you can tell you BF not to bother coming. you're not going to have a sonogram. i mean if you do...well you do...but you're not supposed to"


so i scheduled a sonogram at That's My Baby, a place just for sonograms and gender screenings in Bowie.

Monday was a day off so i scheduled it and told aaron to meet me there (regardless of the ongoing strife...its your kid so either be there for them or dip...) my sister and mother were coming, mom backed out due to work and aaron's little sister took her place.

i was wrong totally wrong every prediction that i had said. that deep gut feeling... wrong wrong wrong lol. i'm officially team pink. or rather Team Purple.

I'm having a little girl in august. Or if she has any say in it...in July. She's measuring 2 weeks larger than she really is. with big feet and a big head...and she's tap dancing on my bladder...nestled right underneath my belly button.

none of this seems like much to you...but let me explain. At 16 weeks your uterous should be half the distance from your pelvic bone to your belly button. the baby should be around 4 1/2 inches long and way about 3 1/2 ounces. roughly the size of an avocado. my baby...is 8 ounces. an avocado might seem small in comparison to my 5'9" sister. i'm 5'3" (and barely). An avocado in comparison to my torso is pretty big...and knowing she's showing up around the size of an 18 weeker...well....its terrifying. if i show up in June and they tell me that she is already 10 pounds I'm going to say to induce me immediately. lol

i have another doctor's appointment in March. March 4th to be exact. A full anatomy with one of the OBs at my office ( there are 7....so i'm pretty sure I'll never see the same one twice...) we'll see if anything changed. Like if a hamburger suddenly morfs into a hot dog

There is plenty that I could say about Aaron...but not today. I'm too tired to talk about it. Life is changing so constantly that I'm simply too tired to keep holding on and trying to catch up... i think i'll just watch it for a while and create my only little nest out here for the time being... a little nest for me and my little girl.

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