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Monday, September 13, 2010

sweet as icing

i have a friend who used to get into the most ridiculous fights with her boyfriend.



tackle each other in the street

pull out a knife

and burn anniversary pictures

kind of fights.

fights that she'd tell me about and i wouldn't know if i should laugh or tell her boyfriend to run away while he could.

they got married last may.

a beautiful wedding where i cried. i wrote about it on here. trying to find the right words to explain how happy i was for them.

and i sat there and remembered when we went to dinner and they would laugh about their fights. laugh about how irrational the other person was. tear each other apart with smiles and then go home together at the end of it all.

i remember when she so simply told me that this was what God had planned for them and they knew it...so regardless of the fights and the misunderstandings...they just knew that they would still be together at the end of it. that was what kept them going...and kept them knowing that the fights were only for today.

i think she's rubbing off on me.

and we've gotten to the point where after its over we can laugh

its taken us years to get here...i hope it stays

we had a good weekend.

its been so long since we've had one. with everything else getting in the way. everyone one. every memory. finally we had a weekend where it just was....


i don't really know what else to say. i just kind of want to wade in this feeling of contentment and avoid any possible clouds. i told him we may as well just talk about our issues...since we both know at the end of the day we're both going to be here looking at each other.

it the simple arrogance between the two of us.

the understanding

that at the end of the day.


we're both coming back....

...and we have no idea why we do...

but sometimes its just ok to now know. i'm ok not knowing.

and i hope that for as long as this lasts. this moment.

that its as sweet as it was waking up next to him on saturday morning. with my niece screaming between us.

the moment he picked her up and walked out of the room to parade her around.

its those little icing days that make things worth waiting for

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