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Friday, September 16, 2011

new baby...same drama...

Wow I haven't posted in a long time. I started a new blog focused entirely on mu daughter - TheLittlestIraheta.blogspots.com

I had to be careful since I complain so much abotu MIL on this site that I couldn't let them link to each other. This woman by the way is turning into a psych. I actually spoke with out marriage counselor about it during a 1 on 1 today. He actually agreed with me, which was a relief. He believes she has a personality disorder and that I'll just need to cut her off to get away from her.

"Its not up for discussion. if you have anything else you'd like to say, write me a letter, but i'm not talking about it anymore."

he said that i would probably never get any support from Aaron's family, but i would earn a lot of respect.

Example of MIL's overbearing ways: After Solana was born we invited Joe and Terry to come to the hospital to see her. They were literally the only ppl we called to invite. they were supposed to be the god parents, until it got vetoed. well they came over and hung out which was wonderful. Well I just found out this woman called up Joe and Terry afterwards to "thank" them for coming to visit us. "i know that you are close to holly and aaron and i really wanted to thank you for comign to the hospital." ummm excuse me? are you the hostess? back off! She even confronted Terry for wearing Purple
"oh you like the color purple...holly likes the color purple too..." ::snear::

she's so immature.

the counselor said that the fail safe would just to be to admit that I don't understand her. Its not that I don't like her...i just don't get her...

i really avoid her at all costs at this point. Its really immature...but after she started trying to divide and conquer...i just stopped talking to her. i"m simply waiting for "My hill to die on" - that one situation that I will not/could not/refuse to back down from. I'm gonna go hard whenever i find it.

at this point I'm just not going to talk to her since I feel like i have to ask her permission before i can do anything for my child. Can't by her a baptismal gown cuz aaorn's was saved. Can't buy bedding because she wants the abby to use aarons. Aaron's bangles. She's wants to host to baptismal party. not those god parents. Not that color...on and on...well i'm over it. i'm just going to play elsewhere in the words of the counselor...i'm not asking her permission about my own child.


its going to be a long 18 years...and she's going to learn her place...

hopefully sooner rather than later.


  1. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL So I have to write a blog for class and I came here tying to set one up not realizing that I still had my one from before. ANYWHOOO I just wanted to comment and say I CRACKED THE CODE! MIL, oh you're clever...