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Friday, October 7, 2011

hurdle number one

about to go meet aaron's dad for the first time
1) he flaked the first time we were supposed to meet. didn't answer aaron's calls and then called the next day saying he was ready to meet...
2) he asked to meet today, but asked aaron to call and remind him the day before...then avoided aarons calls yesterday
3) he avoided his calls today as well
4) we're supposed to meet him at the golden corral and neither of us have any money
5) we're supposed to meet at 1
6) he just called back saying he
was on his way up there now after being MIA all day
7) i have a baby who needs to eat and get dressed and i haven't gotten dressed yet
8) he doesn't have a car
9) he's talked aaron into meeting him by saying "i have something for you
10) i know this is going to get back to lorena...
this is my life.

having dinner with MIL on sunday. She blows me. lots of updates on that front...but not for now. for now lets just deal with this hurdle...

goodness i don't do well with black men....they tend to be so disappointing

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