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Friday, March 18, 2011

Maybe I'll do better and add more pictures to these posts

there's my baby bear. I thought it was about time that I start adding more pictures. It hasn't really felt real up until this point. Now there is no hiding it. I'm starting to feel pregnant. I'm huge. my ankles swell if i eat too much salt. i can't sleep comfortably...i'm awkwardly addicted to aaron and i dream about peanut butter.

this was baby bear at 19weeks 1 day. exactly a week ago. she was having a fit. I'm assuming the ultrasound was a bit too noisy for her. she tends to act up whenever it's time for pictures. She's still a little girl. I had them check again just in case.

Aaron swears he's known from the beginning...i think it's all lies...

i really wouldn't be surprised if come August a little boy pops out...it would be the story of my life to have a little boy and all pink frills for him to wear

I think I'm getting excited now. or at least i'm settling into the fact that this is real...whichever one...

half way through this step...a whole new life in 20 weeks.

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