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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

hide the sharp objects

I'm not married...but i feel like i some how inherited a mother in law.

and I'm glad I like her....I had to watch my mother and grandmother fight for years simply because neither would back down from being number one for my father...not that that turned out so well for either of them.

I feel like regardless of how much you like each other...she wouldn't be your mother in law if you didnt want to stab her in the eye once in a while

i had that feeling yesterday

i was planning on giving birth at holy cross hospital. my OB has an office in the physician's building- but my OBs office is starting to get on my nerves. I had started off with one OB-GYN before i knew I was pregnant. then at the end of my first trimester he broke it to me that he didn't deliver anymore...so i needed to find another doctor from the 7 working in the office. i thought the idea was peachy until i realized that even if i saw a different doctor each time i went in...it was possible on delivery day that i would see someone i didn't know.


...not a fan of this concept...

then everytime i go in they swear i have some sort of illness. i refuse to take another zpack. it can't be healthy. whatever it is you think it is...i think its just how i've been surviving. i'd like a second opinion. if my baby is born with 12 fingers and 17 toes i'm suing.

i had mentioned this to MIL and she told me that she loved her OB Gyn and they worked in the hospital where she worked.

"great. give me their number and i'll give them a call"

she never gave me the number...

i mentioned it to mom and she warned me...you know if its where she works she's going to be there all the time...i dunno how you feel about that....but eh...

not to mention the hospital is in the middle of DC. i don't live far from DC...but when i'm in labor i'm night fighting traffic to get there

so i asked my sister for the name of her OB since I've met them before when my niece was born. She never gave me the number either


well i googled and found them...or someone close by. i don't give a fuck anymore...i'm not askign anyone else.

well last night they asked (MIL and fam) where I was delivering.

[insert name of hospital]

wtf does that mean.

SIL said I should go to georgetown where she was when she was a baby
MIL said where she works...

FIL said yeah if you go where she works she'll have the whole 7th floor watching the delivery.

i walked out of the room

it turned into a pretty heated discussion about when i'm in labor and once my water breaks and how much time i'll need to get to a hospital. SIL tried to tell me if my water break at georgetown when i'm in class then i'm not going to make it to my hospital i better go to gtown hospital.

1) my gtown classes are no where near the hospital
2) i don't go to gtown hospital and the first time i go won't be when i'm giving birth
3) how is a 20 year old going to tell me how much time i'll have to get to a hospital before i give bith
she also started telling me what surgeries my feturn will need if they have spinabifita
who the fuck does that

MIL started telling me that she couldn't even walk once her water broke...because the water was gushing everywhere.

i don't give a fuck. if my option is to give birth in my classroom/office/car or getting up and getting to my hospital...trust i will walk leaking to the hospital

these ppl must not know that i already saw my sister go through this. none of it will be a surprise except for the pain.

they blew me...

aaron had already walked away at this point...while i'm standing their arguing about how they are uneducated and don't know what they're talking about and they try to tell me every old wives tale/personal experience/ family memory that should make me trust their opinion.

i love their family structure. from day one i loved the big family unit. the shouting and laughing and getting along. that fights turn into a friendly banter within minutes. i loved the stories of the old country...of all of the countried. of old wive tales that work and modern remedies that are bullshit. but i think i liked it as a story time...rather than the last and final statement.

well now i'm officially part of the fam...i'm supposed to take the stories as law....i've never done that well.

and aaron just ignores it. unless its my fam vs. his. i think our family discussions might have to just remain between our immediate family...or we both might kill someone...

or i might

stab someone in the eye...

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