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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

::cough cough::

I feel like I've been sick for 3 months.

just constantly.

like i feel better for 2 days and immediately fall back into a pit of despair.

i have the king of colds right now. A monster virus. I don't even know what to call it.



and lucky for me i can't even take any medicine.

just chug orange juice and hope that I'll feel better.

I have a doctor's appointment on friday. Not my primary care. no that was monday. when i wasn't feeling sick. Now I have to go hacking and sneezing to my OB-GYN who will no doubt send me to get another Zpack. Just give me a 6 month supply. I'm going to need it.

i should have been inhaling airborne. i should have been snorting it. but no...i was hoping water and rest was enough. Nope. of course not.

ok, little bear, i need you to work with mommy here. help me out, homie. i feel like crap and i know you do too. so lets try to work together to stay healthy.

sheesh...this sucks

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