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Monday, January 10, 2011

10 weeks 5 days

So update:

I'm currently setting up my new living situation. Not exactly my ideal...but I'm trying to be positive. now that plans have changed I'll be staying home until I have enough money to get a town house or something.

My skin is dry. this is new. if anyone knows me they know that my skin is usually oilier than the gulf last summer. but now...nothing. i have to Vaseline myself down before i leave the house. my hair is long. my scalp is dry...i could easily fall asleep at the drop of a hat...and i can't get enough mexican food.

i hate the smell of chicken...unless its shredded and smothered in sauce (cheese, dressing, tomato). the sight of a baked drum stick makes me gag. Bagels in cream cheese have become a staple in my diet.

I go to sleep around 10PM every night. I wake up at 5:30 and want a nap around noon.

classes start on thursday and life is going to get pretty interesting. lets see how I do staying away until 11PM twice a week and still getting up at 5:30. it was hard enough before i had a living being in my body trying to keep my ass in bed.

My program ends in September. Which will be an interesting feat...as I'm due in August. There is going to be an interesting month where i try to keep everything together ( I wonder if they'll let me supplement work for attending class...but knowing Kelly she'll be a bitch and say yes and then still fail me)

Not going to talk about the boy...we're still trying to figure things out. everything had just fallen into place before it all blew up again with this new situation. He's having a hard time with all of the added "pressure" and I could care less about his added stress...trying to deal with my own.

Hopefully I'll have happier news next time I post...

hopefully i'll have more to say.

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