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Saturday, January 16, 2010

happily ever after

I had a realization the other days...life isn't like one of those fairy tales you read.
People don't always end up with a happy ending. People don't always find their mister right...or if they do they don't always end up with them.

i've always lived in this kind of fantasy world...everytime i meet someone i think it might just work. that things are going to be perfect. life is gonna end with a happily ever after...with someone who loves you who happens to be sitting on a trust fund or some sort of noble title (lol...) but thats not reality.

people end up right where I am...halfway there or not even. some ppl just end up somewhere else and thats it.

story over....

no new game...no pass go and receive $200.

sometimes thats how the story goes

i always took that for granted

but this isn't the end of my story...this isn't even the middle yet.

and i know there is more to come for me.

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